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What seperates our company from our competitors?

We can customize in less than 3 days!! Our box, tank, and double-urns are made of fiberglass which we hand mold in the USA. They are extremely light weight but very strong and resistant to chipping. They won't warp, rot, split or shatter like wood or ceramcic urns. Theyseal air tight and are water proof. We are an industry leader with these designs. Our vase urns and keg urn are made of cast aluminum, strong but also light weight and won't rust. All of our products are hand finished by artists in the USA.

When is the latest I can contact you to have my urn shipped next day?

We almost always guarantee to get all non customized urns out same day they were purchased as long as the order is placed and paid for before noon central time.

How quickly can I get an urn?

If its not customized it doesn't take long at all. If no personalization is requested, it can usually go out the same day as purchased. For just personlization (name and dates added) to a stock urn, expect at the most an additional day before shipping. Customizing an urn might take 2-4 production days. For more information on our shipping policy go to the "Shipping Policy" icon at the top. Or call Mike to get a quick answer! 630-697-1893

What size urn should I get?

For every 1 pound of ashes there should be 1 cubic inch. For example a 200 pound person should get an urn that is 200 cubic inches. This is a general rule and can vary from person to person. A human weighing over 200 pounds actually has the same bone mass as an average size human.  The bones are actually the material that makes up the cremains (cremation ashes) that go into a cremation urn, all soft tissue is completely burned away during the cremation process.  Someone weighing 300 pounds, 400 pounds, or more their cremains (cremation ashes) should be able to fit into one of the extra large cremation urns, which can hold 250 pounds of pre-cremain weight, because the bone mass is still the same , as an average human. Once you determine the capacity of need of  your urn, you then need to consider if it is to be placed in a niche, what are the size limitations of this spot.

Do I need to buy an urn from a funeral home or crematorium?

No. You can purchase an urn from anywhere and bring it to the funeral home or crematorium. According to the FTC's Funeral Rule, "the funeral provider may not refuse, or charge a fee, to handle a casket [or urn] you bought elsewhere."

Can I get an inscription applied to my urn?

Yes! We charge a fee of $25 for name and dates.  If you want a passage or message to be applied, please check with us first to see if it will fit and if there will be an additional fee.

Should I seal my cremation urn?

It is recommended that if you are to have the urn buried in the ground that you seal the threads with silicone caulking. Also if possible, don't remove the ashes from the plastic bag you received from the crematory and put the unopened bag directly into the urn. This will also give additional protection against leakage.

What is a companion urn?

A companion urn is a special urn where two married people can be interned in one urn. The ashes can be comingled (mixed together) or remain separate. We can provide separate plates with name and dates. 

What type of urn should I buy?

It depends on what you want plan to do with your urn and your budget. We offer urns to fit most budgets. The simple metal vase urns are the most afforadable follow by the fiberglass burial urns that offer the most options. Please keep in mind the location you plan to keep or display the urn, because it will also play a role in whch style of urn you select. A mantel shelf, niche or burial site all have certain requirements that need to be met before you make your decision. Also if needed check dimensions of the location so the urn will fit the niche or vault.

What are the dimensions of the urns?

Please check our product details page for full description on each of our urn styles.



Can I travel by air with my urn?

1. Carry-on: You are allowed to carry-on a crematory container, but it must pass through the x-ray machine. If the container is made of a material that prevents the screener from clearly being able to see what is inside, then the container will not be allowed through the security checkpoint.

2. Checked Baggage: You may transport the urn as checked baggage provided that it is successfully screened. TSA will screen the urn for explosive materials/devices using a variety of techniques; if cleared, it will be permitted as checked baggage only.

NOTE: Some airlines do not allow cremated remains as checked baggage so please check with your air carrier before attempting to transport a crematory container in checked baggage.


-Out of respect for the deceased, the screener may not open the container under any circumstance.


-Crematory Container Materials: Crematory containers are made from many different types of materials, all with varying thickness. At present, TSA cannot state for certain whether your particular crematory container can successfully pass through an x-ray machine. However, TSA suggests that you purchase a temporary or permanent crematory container made of a lighter weight material such as wood or plastic that can be successfully x-rayed. The TSA will continue to work with funeral home associations to provide additional guidance in the future.


- Please check with your air carrier about other restrictions that may apply.

TSA Rules and Regulations

Can I ship my urn by air?

The first step to take is to contact the airline directly to see what their policies are on travelling with cremated human ashes. Some airlines such as Delta give passengers the option of checking the cremated remains as carry on item or as checked baggage like typical luggage. Other airlines require cremated ashes to be sent only via cargo. Contacting the airline will help ensure that you are not held up for unnecessary and preventable reasons.

The carry-on container for cremated ashes varies from airline to airline as well. When travelling with ashes, the ashes need to be in a container of light material such as plastic, fiberglass or wood so that it can pass through the X-ray machine. Metal containers may prevent the screener from seeing what is inside and under no circumstances will the container be opened – even at the request of the customer.


Other info on shipping urns via airlines

- the max carry-on size is 22” x 14” x 9”.


- If you have the Certificate of Cremation it is a good idea to bring that with you to the checkpoint as authentication that the baggage is in fact cremated ashes.


-Scan-able containers include: Fiberglass, cardboard, fiberboard, cloth, plastic, transparent glass and wood. Non-scan-able containers are prohibited for carry-on baggage and consist of containers that are metal, stone or ceramic.

How do I transfer the ashes to the urn?

There are several options for transfering your ashes to your urn. Two simple options, request to have either the crematory or funeral home perform this task. If either of these facilities perform the transfer, the bag is usually closed with an offical seal. There might be a fee for this service. Another option is for you to transfer the ashes yourself. In some instances the urn you choose has a large enough opening that the bag of ashes can be transfer directly without opening the bag and pouring into the urn. Using this method keeps the crematories seal intact. Our fiberglass urns have the largest screw opening allowing for the whole bag to slide in with out opening. The last option is to open the bag of ashes and pour them into the selected urn. Some people even get another plastic bag to set into the urn and then pour the ashes into it. Finally all our urns come with a tight closing threaded seal. If you want, you can also silicone the threads for a more permanent seal. 

Where can I bury my urn?

If you are planning to bury your urn, you must check with the cemetery or your counties office if you want to bury outside a funeral home to insure you are following your local laws. There are rules as to the material that the urn can be constructed of before being allowed to be buried. This varys from state to state and from cemeteries. Catholic Cemeteries have certain requirements as well does all Veterans Cemeteries. Another item you might need is a urn vault. Some cemeteries are requiring an urn vault for all urns to be buried. These can also be purchased online, as long as they meet the cemeteries requirements. The cemeteries are required to provide you this information. Funeral Right and Laws

Can these urns be used for a large pet?

Yes all our urns can be used for a loved pet. Again the same criteria for selecting an urn applies. I would assume that most of our urns meet the size requirments for a pet urn since most pets weigh less than 180 lbs. And that is the smallest adult urn we offer.

How do I insure that I will get my urn on time for the planned service?

All of our urns are shipped either USPS or UPS, usually 2-4 days. Please remember these aren't guaranteed deliveries dates. If you need an urn by a certain date and time, please communicate this to us as quickly as possible. We have contact information on this site and suggest you call for faster service. There will be a fee for faster shipping if possible. Please remember we are limited to the services available by the USPS and UPS. 

My crematory wants an urn to be provided as soon as the cremation is completed. What can I do?

By law you can provide the urn from any source you select. If you are enterning in a cemetery, please check that your urn meets their requirments. As for getting the urn from the crematory, most will provide a bag or even a temporary container like a thin plastic cube or a fiberboard box free of charge. You can pick up the ashes in this form and transfer it to an urn at a later date. If you want someone to transfer the ashes for you usually the crematory will do this for you or the funeral home you were working with. Please check if there is a fee for this service.

How big is the opening for the ashes?

All of our fiberglass urns come with the industries largest opening 4" plastic screw enclosure that seals air tight. No need to open your sealed bag of ashes, just slide the whole bag into the urn. the metal urns have a 2 inch opening and most of the time you will have to pour the ashes in usng a funnel. The keg urn has I 1 inch opening at the top and a funnel will be needed.

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